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Private Course Literary Arabic Online.

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Lirerary Arabic course in private session are available for kids and adults.

Each lesson lasts 45 minutes, which is the perfect length to really benefit from the lesson and stay concentrated.

You choose the teacher (man or women. Lessons are not mixed) and the schedule that suits you the most.

Depending on availability you can study up to 6 times a week.

However we advise from 1 to 3 times a week to keep a moderate pace that doesn’t overwhelm you and that allows you to stay long-term focused and thereby achieve your goals.. For the busiest ones, studying once a week should be the best option.

The courses are taken as a monthly - bi-annual or yearly subscription

Price : 25€/month
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Al Kunuz Arabic book

  I subscribed one month ago, al hamdulillah, for the individual arabic lessons, and what i can say is that I never progressed this much macha'Allah, (I studied two years before, 1 year to learn reading, and the second where i studied the first book of madinah, this in two years, it is really too long subhanAllah!!!), and the Al Kunuz method is excellent, Allahumma bârik, quick results, even if I just started results are already there bihidnilah ta3ala!

My teacher is very kind Allahumma baarik, patient, she doesn’t get tired of repeating, repeating and repeating again… concerning the vocabulary which is given (in the book at the beginning of the session), it is more than useful, it’s about everyday words The book is very well made, the lessons are well organized, one part for speaking, one part for the lesson itself and one part for the exercises.. al hamdoulilah, everything is very well done.

Further there is nothing better than speaking only arabic, it pushes us to understand, to search for words.I tested two methods, and in bilingual courses you focus on your own language to understand, and not on the arabic explanation, which only delays our learning.

I was afraid to start, I was afraid to be lost, but after two years and very few results, i told myself BismiLlah!! I went for it, al hamdulillah and I have to admit that this is the best option incha'Allah ta3ala.

Furthermore, the individual courses are more expensive but have a lot of advantages, students participation is more important, in case of non attendance we do not have to catch up the lesson because it doesn’t take place, the amount of hours per week is decided by us so we can study 4 hours instead of 6 if our personal schedule doesn’t allow us more, it is very flexible al hamdoulilah... these are the advantages of being alone!! [...]

By the grace of Allah ta3ala my two eldest sons have finished the memorization of the Quran with the merkez Al Kunuz.

Then they enrolled the program to obtain their Ijaza and their sanad (transmission chain which started from the prophet sala Allahu alayhi wa salam) . It was very rigorous they had to finish the Quran entirely in front of their teacher several times, it took a year (after memorization). They obtained it and got their certificate from Egypt per post.

My third is close to it too bi idhniLlah. And I plan to also subscribe for my little last of 5 years so that he can start early and follow the example of his elder siblings.

Oum Abd'Ar Rahmân

Different Program options & a personalized pace

Choose your programm Complete Course (by studying a full book)
Or “A la carte” Course (by studying only one subject - speaking, grammar, reading…) :

➡ Merkez al Kunuz Program (Full program)
➡ Al Ajromiya (grammar)
➡ an-Naho al Wadeh (grammar)
➡ Medinah or Mekkah Program (Full program)
➡ al Balagha(rethoric)
➡ The Minatu-Rahman method (For Kids)
➡ Saudi Primary program ( For Kids)
➡ Or any program of your choice

The teacher moves forward at your pace. The required length to finish a program depends thereby on your understanding pace.

Courses thought for our students success

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A teacher focused on your progress

As the lesson is individual your teacher is focused on your lacks and your progression.

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Different program options

You are free to choose the program that you like/suits you the best.

100% Arabic language immersion with al Kunuz
100% immersion in the arabic language

Go in for the immersion method and see effective progress

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keep a free mind with our membership

Don’t lose your schedule by forgetting to renew your lessons. Monthly, bi annual or annual non-binding subscription. without engagement.

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Adapted length

Keep your concentration with our 45 minutes lessons. It’s the ideal length to benefit from the lesson without growing tired.

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An engaged support until you reach your goals

A secretary is available per email in your language to follow and advise you anytime you need it.

Our courses are available in the form of a monthly, semi-annual or annual subscription with no commitment.

Serenity...Focus on your learning through renewals

You will have your member area in "self-service" mode.

You will be able to see and modify your subscription, change your schedule, report an absence, schedule a catch-up... and in one clickcancel your subscription

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25 €/month

  • Private course
  • 1 session /week
  • 5 sessions /month
  • No obligation: Stop the renewal in one click
  • Discount price

costs 6,66€/h
Payable every 5 weeks 25€

22,5 €/month

  • Private course
  • 1 session /week
  • 25 sessions/bi-annual
  • No obligation: Stop the renewal in one click
  • Discount price

payable every 25 weeks 112,5€

20 €/month

  • Private course
  • 1 session /week
  • 50 sessions /year
  • No obligation: Stop the renewal in one click
  • Economic price

costs 5,33€/h
Payable each year 200€

Speak arabic... Think arabic...

Don’t sabotage your learning anymore!

We are convinced supporters of the immersion method in language learning.

That’s why our courses are 100% in arabic.

We sincerely believe that learning a language through english or any other language is an educational disaster...

It’s easier for the student (and the teacher), it’s pleasant but it turns out to be a handicap..

By learning Arabic through English, the beginning will be extremely prompt, the student will immediately see progress (counter to the 100% immersion method) but he will come to stagnate (at a beginner level), he will not understand the deep meaning of a speech/text and will be unable to “think in arabic”, nor to speak arabic...

He will use the translation mode, and that is a calamity..

The bravest who will pass this difficult stage will fully understand that.

📌 But what if I don’t understand anything?!

Don’t Panic!

Yes, at the beginning it is difficult to adapt, it is frustrating to feel lost in the teachers speech, but don’t panic (or at least don’t feel dejected) Hundreds(yes hundreds! ) of students have been there before!

It’s normal to start with guessing what the teacher is trying to say, then after a while you will begin to understand some words, then sentences and after that full speeches…Your understanding rate will rise gradually with your progress.

It’s a difficult but essential stage to get used to “think in arabic”.Once this stage is achieved, new doors will open for you in your arabic learning,, and you will be pleased to discover those pleasures in your higher levels.

*The grammar and translation method is outdated and obselete, but still way too much used ( for sake of convenience...)

Would you like to be one of our students?

Choose your schedule

For boys/girls under12 years old you can choose a male or female teacher

Don’t take our word for it ... ...

  As emphasized by most students, the main asset of the merkez is that the student improves very quick his oral skills and can thereby communicate with the teacher from the first sessions.

I started at level 0 where i couldn’t even formulate a sentence or understand the most of a lesson. At the end of this session, I was able to understand half a lesson and speak a little. At level 1, i was able to understand more than half a lesson and was able to be understood. I am now at level 2 (2 hours per week with the full program) I understand almost the full lesson and I express myself a lot better (I am able to say what I want by “cobbling with words”), I am not yet eloquent but I will gradually become inshaAllah in the higher levels....

I had the chance to travel to Egypt twice for the summer to study Arabic and Quran and I could compare with the merkez Al Kunuz... It’s a very good thing to study abroad, but sometimes conditions and adaptation are not that easy and one can be discouraged and lose his learning opportunities. Studying online is very convenient, we keep our groundings, we can adapt our schedule to our situation and condition (I take my Quran lessons early in the morning because memory and concentration are at their best as for Arabic i prefer to study in the early evening)..

You will not find a merkez as serious as Al Kunuz anywhere ... It’s true that we sometimes feel panic during the first lessons, it seems very complicated and impossible to understand but subhanAllah with some patience and perseverance everything becomes clear, we understand the method, we start making some little sentences then we know how to write them : we finally are on the right road, we just need to drive ahead to our destination ;)))

Oum Imrane

  [..] In my very first class at level 0 I understood almost nothing and I had a lot of difficulty expressing myself, a few months later the efforts pay off and allow me to express myself and understand with much more ease wal hamdoulillah ! I recommend it as soon as possible to those around me because having tried several learning methods, I finally found the right one.

The al kunuz program allows you to do oral, written, conversational, grammatical, dictation etc... everything necessary for a solid learning. It touches on all the daily subjects to immerse us completely.

I waited a long time before taking the plunge because I was in favour of the "I need a real and not a virtual teacher" but what a mistake!!!! What time wasted subhana Allah !

If you wish to learn this noble language with ease, speed and seriousness I strongly encourage you to take the plunge, no doubt you will be totally won over by it wa Allahu a3lem.

Moreover the secretariat is very well organized, they answer quickly, in a very good French, and as soon as they can, they come out to facilitate you and encourage you subhana Allah, may Allah Azzawajal reward you for that and place a great baraka there !!!

I sincerely hope that you will be able to share this learning with our community for a long time to come, a real ni3ma for us.

Jazzakummou allahu kheiran


  After finishing my first session I would like to express my view about the merkez as I did myself search for testimonies before subscribing.

I am more than pleased of the merkez and of this session (level 4) which brought me so much. I studied other books in the past before subscribing with the merkez and I was afraid to do lots of revision and to not benefit that much but it wasn’t the case at all..

I really deepened notions I had and that I learned only vaguely with the madinah books and learned new notions like sarf which is quite rare in France.

The studied texts as well as the oral expression part brought me a lot and obviously a lesson completely in arabic really made me improve my oral skills.

In short, I am decided inshaAllah to continue with the merkez and I really recommend it around me.

Having the opportunity to study with teachers from Egypt and with good books is a real ni3ma ,ma cha Allah!

oum sara

  The advise that I could give inshaAllah, is to subscribe with the merkez al Kunuz, allahoumma barik, I’ve tried several online courses and this merkez is very satisfying either the lessons, the direction or the secretaryt.

May Allahu ta3ala reward them greatly.

For those who are still hesitating, go for it bi idhniLlah, you will not do without it anymore. And to reassure you, I was thinking that I really wasn’t able to do it, that I wouldn’t succeed especially with a newborn and a toddler and -on top of that- my shyness as well as as the fear to be unable to understand or to talk.

wal hamdoulillah be sincere and Allah ta3ala will make it easy for you, the ustaadha is very comprehensive, nurturing and you can feel through her work and the efforts she makes for your understanding that she really wants you to succeed. This is what gives you the motivation to learn more and more. (I had ustadha Shaymaa)

Al hamdoulillah I am now able to speak a little and understand but also I started to read little books in Arabic.

[...] to finish I’ll share with you a beautiful speech from Khalf Ibn Hisham (one of the salaf) who said: “I found some parts of Arabic grammar difficult. So I spent 80,000 dinārs until I mastered it.” ( As-siyar (8/107).

Oummou Imrane