Arabic and Quran Individual Courses for Children!

What is taught early, stays a life long. Offer your Children a Noble Education.

13 years of expertise |100% Online | Live from Egypt

Arabic and Quran Individual Online Courses for Kids.

Give your child the chance to study from the most comfortable classroom for him: his Home!

Arabic and Quran courses are taught byexperienced teacherswho all have an Ijaza (teaching licence), furthermore they are specially trained to teach Children in order to adaptto their learning specificities..

You choose the teacher ( Man or Woman. Courses are not mixed; except for kids under under12 years)and the schedule that suits you the most.

Depending on availability you can study up to 6 times a week.

However we advise from 1 to 3 times a week to keep a moderate pacethat doesn’t overwhelm you and that allows you to stay long-term focused and thereby achieve your goals..For the busiest ones, studying once a week should be the best option.

The courses are takenas amonthly - bi-annual or yearly subscription

Price: 25 €/month for Arabic and 20€/month for Quran
See price details below…

Qoran and Arabic courses for children with al Kunuz

  My 3 children (the eldest) always have studied at the merkez as far as I can remember… almost since the opening.

__Al hamdulilah it has been a cause that my children are very comfortable with the arabic langage, they can easily watch a documentary in arabic, read a book and understand it, write a text or communicate on any subject..

They also have finished the memorization of the Quran by the grace of Allah subhana wa ta3ala and obtained their Ijaza.

My last one follows the steps of his elder brothers, he takes Arabic and Quran lessons; He has a little bit difficult character so he had some struggles at the beginning, butthe teacher knew how to handle it, by encouraging him and offering rewards (drawing on the virtual board at the end of the lesson for example). .

Al hamduliLlah, the merkez has been an excellent cause in the achievement of the learning goals I had for my children.

Oum Bilâl

Different Program options & a personalized pace

You can choose his/her programComplete Course(by studying a full book)
Or“A la carte” Course (by studying only one subject - speaking, grammar, reading…):

For Arabic:

  •   Minatu-Rahmane Method (Learning to read and write)
  •   Saudi Primary Program
  •   Merkez al Kunuz Program (Full program)
  •   Medinah or Mekkah Program (Full program)
  •   an-Naho al Wadeh (Grammar)
  •   Or any program of your choice

For Quran:

  •   Qaaida An Nouraniya (Well known method to learn to read)
  •   Quran Memorization
  •   Revision and Correction of Quran recitation
  •   Tajweed Rules

The teacher follows your child's pace.. The required length to finish a program depends thereby on his/her understanding pace.

Courses thought for our students success

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A teacher focused on your progress

As the lesson is individual your teacher is focused on your lacks and your progression.

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Different program options

You are free to choose the program that you like/ suits you the best.

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100% immersion in the arabic language

Go in for the immersion method and see effective progress

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keep a free mind with our membership

Don’t lose your schedule by forgetting to renew your lessons. Monthly, bi annual or annual non-binding subscription.without engagement.

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Adapted length

Keep your concentration with our 45 minutes lessons. It’s the ideal length to benefit from the lesson without growing tired.

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An engaged support until you reach your goals

A secretary is available per email in your language to follow and advise you anytime you need it.

Our courses are available in the form of a monthly, semi-annual or annual subscription with no commitment..

Serenity...Focus on your learning through renewals

You will have your member area in "self-service" mode.

You will be able to see and modify your subscription, change your schedule, report an absence, schedule a catch-up... and in one click cancel your subscription

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25 €/month

  • Private course
  • 1 session /week
  • 5 sessions /month
  • No obligation: Stop the renewal in one click
  • Discount price

costs 6,66€/h
Payable every 5 weeks 25€

22,5 €/month

  • Private course
  • 1 session /week
  • 25 sessions /bi-annual
  • No obligation: Stop the renewal in one click
  • Discount price

costs 6€/h
payable every 25 weeks 112,5€

20 €/month

  • Private course
  • 1 session /week
  • 50 sessions /year
  • No obligation: Stop the renewal in one click
  • Economic price

Payable each year200€


20 €/month

  • Private course
  • 1 session /week
  • 5 sessions /month
  • No obligation: Stop the renewal in one click
  • Discount price

Payable every 5 weeks 20€

18 €/month

  • Private course
  • 1 session /week
  • 25 sessions/bi-annual
  • No obligation: Stop the renewal in one click
  • Discount price

costs 4,5€/h
payable every 25 weeks 90€

15 €/month

  • Private course
  • 1 session /week
  • 50 sessions/year
  • No obligation: Stop the renewal in one click
  • Economic price

Payable each year150€

Offer your child the advantage of immersion

And observe his/her progress!

We are convinced supporters of the immersion method in language learning.

That’s why our courses are 100% in arabic.

We sincerely believe that learning a language through english or any other language is an educational disaster...

It’s easier for the student (and the teacher), it’s pleasant but it turns out to be a handicap..

By learning Arabic through English, the beginning will be extremely prompt, the student will immediately see progress (counter to the 100% immersion method) but he will come to stagnate (at a beginner level), he will not understand the deep meaning of a speech/text and will be unable to “think in arabic”, nor to speak arabic...

He will use the translation mode, and that is a calamity..

But what if my child doesn’t understand anything?!

Don’t Panic!

Yes it’s difficult at the beginning, it’s frustrating not to understand what the teacher is saying, and frustrating to see your child a little bit lost and frustrated… But don’t panicHundreds(yes hundreds!) of students have been there before…!

It is absolutely normal if your child begins with guessing what the teacher is trying to tell him, but very soon you will observe that he/she understands more and more words, then little sentences and finally full speeches. His understanding rate will rise gradually with his/her progress. Our teachers are specially trained to teach non arabic speakers so they have the required pedagogic skills and patience to help your child handling these steps the best way.

It’s a difficult stage, but essential to get used to “think arabic”. Sometimes parents stress more than children who have an incredible adaptation skill masha Allah. Once this stage passed, new doors will open for your child in his/her arabic learning journey..

*The grammar and translation method is outdated and obselete, but still way too much used ( for sake of convenience...)

Offer Your Child the Best Instruction

Choose his/her schedule

For boys/girls under 12 years old you can choose a male or female teacher

What parents think about it...

  My kids are registered in the merkez for 2 years now and I am very satisfied.

Indeed I imagined that after settling in an “arabic speaking” country we would be safe with arabic. In fact, I struggled long months paying private lessons in addition to the Morrocan school, with teachers without a hint of teaching skills which has been the cause of discouraging my kids even more.

Then I turned the page and stopped taking some advises. I registered my kids at the merkez Al Kunuz for Arabic and Quran.

My son who was almost completely non arabic speaker has catched-up almost 2 years with them. Al hamdoulliLlah.

Qualified teachers, with a matchless patience who know how to teach because it is their JOB..

Oum Amjad

  Concerning my kids courses it goes very well

Teachers are qualified and my children progressed a lot in Quran memorization.

I prefer this method where the child is alone with the teacher because he will know exactly the strong and weak pointsof my kids and this is very important in their progress..

It’s the same for Arabic and I am fully satisfied with it.

Abou 3abdillah