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Study without constraints with our Video program

Throughout the past few years, we have had a huge number of requests from students who wanted to learn Literary Arabic, but who did not have a fixed free time slot.

They were certainly motivated to study, but could not make themselves available for classic online Arabic courses with a pre-determined schedule.

Other students needed to effectively revise what they had learned after a period of inactivity. They were motivated to continue their studies, but the fact that they had taken a break (more or less long) without practicing/reviewing what they had acquired prevented them from continuing on their path…

All these reasons, among others, led us to develop our program in Video.

We wanted to make our pedagogy available without time constraints That’s what we offer you now!

arabic literary course

Learn Literary Arabic with a program of your choice and an adapted version.

To learn literary Arabic freely, we have developed Two Versions.

Each of these versions meets the different needs of our many students tolearn Arabic online. So, we offer both the Standard and Premium versions.

The Standard Version is suitable for students with the following needs:

  • Have studied the program but wish to review it before moving on to the next level
  • Currently studying the program. The Video classes will allow them to prepare their session with the teacher efficiently (Reverse class).
  • Are studying another program but wish to study a different program at an equivalent level at the same time.

The Premium Version is suitable for new learning

The Premium version brings additional learning in addition to the live sessions with the teacher as well as additional exercises (and the sending of questions/answers to the teacher).

You will appreciate this freedom to learn Arabic through an interactivity that combines modernity, pedagogy and learning.

Learn Literary Arabic

Learn Literary Arabic in Video to Combine Autonomy and Effective Learning

online Arabic course

Course Explanation

The teacher explains the lesson as if you were in front of him. The program for learning Literary Arabic also contains corrected exercises and vocabulary lists.

learn Arabic easily

Learn Arabic without Constraints

With the Literary Arabic course program in Video format, you are no longer constrained by a schedule, you study when you want.

Arabic lessons

English Subtitles

Beginner levels of our Arabic courses are subtitled in English. We provide an explanation of the use of subtitles for pedagogical purposes so as not to sacrifice our immersion pedagogy.

Arabic grammar

Process to Follow to Learn Arabic

Under each video we explain what you need to do to take advantage of the course andlearn literary Arabic effectively.

book to learn Arabic

Different program options

We offer two different but equally beneficial learning programs. You can choose between Al Kunuz program and Oum Al Qura program.

website to learn Arabic

Version adapted to your Objectives to Learn Arabic

To strengthen the foundations of your learning while benefiting from new acquisitions. We offer a program to review (Standard Version) and one to learn new concepts (Premium Version).

Different Formulas Adapted to All Objectives for learning Arabic

Revisions, New Learnings or Reverse Class, we have the formula that suits you.

The format suits you perfectly and you want to learn literary Arabic this way?

We have created different formulas for you to find the one that best suits your objective: Revision or new learning.

You will appreciate the comfort and ease of use to learn Arabic easily and efficiently.


100% Video
  • Lesson Videos
  • Corrected exercise videos
  • Knowledge Validation Test
  • Book in PDF format
  • Live Classes with the Teacher
  • Additional Exercises
  • Longer duration


Videos + Live Lessons
  • Lesson Videos
  • Corrected exercise videos
  • Knowledge Validation Test
  • Book in PDF format
  • Live Classes with the Teacher
  • Additional Exercises
  • Longer duration

Choose your program and version

Frequently Asked Questions

All the videos are in literary Arabic. Beginner levels are subtitled in English.

Explanations (what to do to take advantage of the course) are in English

No, only videos for beginner levels are subtitled. This is mentioned under each course description before registration.

The explanations (what to do to take advantage of the course) are in English.

We wish to preserve the Immersion to offer our students the opportunity to learn literary Arabicperfectly.

STANDARD” program is composed of video courses (lessons and exercises) + 2 tests to validate the acquired knowledge (at the halfway point and at the end of the course).

This program is adapted to revisions.

For example, if you wish to enter level 1 and need to revise the previous level (0) beforehand.

It is also adapted to facilitate live lessons with the teacher(when you are registered with us for private or group lessons). You will use the program to prepare for the lesson (reverse class), to make up for a lesson if you are absent and to revise.

With the “PREMIUM”Program, you will have access to video lessons (lessons + exercises) + 2 Tests to validate your knowledge, but also to live sessions with the teacher to practice what you have learned and validate your understanding of the lessons.

You will also have access to the sending and correction of written and audio homework, questions/answers with the teacher, and a longer access time.

This program to learn literary Arabic is suitable for both new learning and revision.

If you are unable to attend the classic online courses (with a schedule) this course is suitable. You will be able to acquire new notions in videos and have them validated online by your teacher.

Our method will also give you the opportunity to learn to read Arabic quickly and methodically.

The duration of access to the video programs is mentioned under each course description prior to registration. Depending on the version (standard or premium) and the level, the duration varies from 3 to 6 months.

Payment by credit card via our secure partner STRIPE.

Yes, payment in two installmentsis availablefor all Arabicvideocourses. However, you have the possibility of benefiting from a preferential rate by paying at once.

You will have access to Literary Arabic classes on video immediately after registration.

The number of sessions with the teacher depends on the level. The lessons will take place after studying defined chapters.

The duration of a lesson with the teacher is 45 min as for our classic private lessons. This is an optimum time to learn literary Arabic while maintaining concentration.

The longer the program, the more sessions.

For example, in the Grand Beginner level, there are 3 sessions and in Oum Al Qura level 4 there are 5 sessions.

During these lessons, you will practice with the teacher what you have seen in the previous chapters, and validate your understanding of the course.

Depending on the level, these are quizzes and/or homework to be sent for correction.

In the Premium Version, you can send your questions to the teacher (for advanced levels, as the questions must be in Arabic and will be answered in Arabic). This helps to learn to speak Arabic effectively.

You can request a refund within 7 days. After this period, no refund will be made.

For this reason, for 7 days you will have access to one week of content. Then on the 8th day, the entire content will be unlocked.

Choose your program and version