Learn the Quran Online and its Tajwid Rules in Private Tuition

For the past 14 years, students from all over the world have chosen Al Kunuz tolearn the Quran online.

100% Online | Live from Egypt

Private Course of Quran & Tajweed Online.

Study from the most comfortable classroom ever: Your Home!

The online Quran courses are taught by experienced and licensed Ijaza teachers (teaching certificate).

Courses to learn the Quran onlinetake place in private sessions. Different programs are available:

  • 🧠 Memorisation + Revision
  • 📚 Learning the rules of Tajweed
    (6 levels available)
  • 📖 Study and Memorization of the book “Al Jazariya”
  • 🗣 “an-Nouraniya” method
  • 🏆Ijaza” program (to obtain teaching authorization)

Courses are open to all: Adults (men or women) and kids.

Price : 25€/month
See price details below…

learn the Quran online

By the grace of Allah ta3ala my two eldest sons have finished the memorization of the Quran with the merkez Al Kunuz.

Then they enrolled the program to obtain their Ijaza and their sanad(transmission chain which started from the prophet sala Allahu alayhi wa salam) It was very rigorous,they had to finish the Quran entirely in front of their teacher several times, it took a year (after memorization) They obtained it and got their certificate from Egypt by post.

My third is close to it too bi idhniLlah And, I plan to also subscribe for my little last of 5 years so that he can start early and follow the example of his elder siblings.

Oum Bilâl

A Program of Your Choice & A Personalized Pace for Learning the Quran Online

Private Quran classes are 45 minutes long; the ideal time to enjoy the Quran class and maintain full concentration.

You choose the teacher (male or female. Classes are not mixed) and the schedule that suits you.

Our courses for learning the Quran online are 100% in Arabic, our teachers are all Egyptian and Arabic speaking. are graduated and trained in teaching non-Arabic speakers.

Depending on availability you can study up to 6 times a week.

However, to avoid a learning overload, we advise our students to maintain a moderate pace of 1 to 3 sessions per week.

This will allow you to continue over time and reach your goals.

For the busiest ones, studying once a week should be the best option.

Choose your program:

  • Memorization
  • Correction
  • Explanation of the Tajweed rules
  • Qa3ida an-Nouraniya
  • Al Jazariya

Tajweed courses are divided into 6 levels. The book is provided.

You also have the possibility to study the book of your choice, like “Al Jazarya” or “Tuhfatul Atfal”…

Tajweed courses on 6 levels:

  • 📌 Level 1: Rules of “noun sakina” and “tanwin”
  • 📌 Level 2: Rules of the “lamates”
  • 📌 Level 3: The “moudoudes”
  • 📌 Level 4: Rules of “qalqala” and “ar-Raates” and the letters “moufakhama” and “mouraqaqa”
  • 📌 Level 5 & 6 : as-Sifate wa al makharij
Quran Tajweed online

Courses thought for our students success To learn the Quran Online

online quran courses

Teacher focused on your progress to learn the Quran online

Online Quran lessons are private and allow the teacher to focus on your gaps and progress.
quranic courses

Different Quranic course program options

You are free to choose theQuranic courseprogram that you like / suit the most. From a carefully selected list.
quran learning

Graduated teachers

Our teachers have an ijaza(teaching license) and are trained toteach the Quran for non-Arabic speakers.
learn the quran

Learn the Quran with peace of mind with our subscriptions

Don’t lose your schedule by forgetting to renew your lessons. Subscriptions are monthly, semi-annual or annual and without commitment.
read the quran in arabic

An Adapted Duration To Learn The Quran Online

Maintain your focus with our 45 min sessions tolearn the Quran online. A perfect duration, to enjoy the course without getting bored.
Quran online

Course Report

Receive a lesson report from the teacher in your member’s area, so you can follow your progress and work on weak points

Our courses are available in the form of a monthly, semi-annual or annual subscription with no commitment.

No longer worry about your renewals but only your learning.

A “self-service” member’s area is available to you tolearn the Quran with peace of mind. Created for you, this member area will allow you to access your profile and make changes. You will also be able to change your subscription, schedule, report an absence, schedule a catch-up session and access your course reports. Plus, it’s easy to cancel your subscription with one click. Learning the Quran online has never been easier.
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  • Private Courses
  • 1 session /week
  • 5 sessions /month
  • No obligation: Stop the renewal in one click
  • Discount price

Payable every 5 weeks 25€


5 /Month
  • Private Courses
  • 1 session /week
  • 25 sessions /semester
  • No obligation: Stop the renewal in one click
  • Discount price

Payable every 25 weeks 112.5€


  • Private Courses
  • 1 session /week
  • 50 sessions /year
  • No obligation: Stop the renewal in one click
  • Economic price

Payable every year 200€

Would you like to be one of our students?

The teachers hear perfectly your reading, I even think that sometimes the correction is very subtle, which proves that they are very qualified teachers in their domain.

started with level 0, my oral skills were disastrous, I wasn’t even able to make a sentence in Arabic. There are two ways to learn Ahkam at-tajweed, either by repeating the same pronunciation as the teacher or through the lessons.

When the student doesn’t understand the teacher, we therefore use the first option but, lesson after lesson I really improved my oral skills, and I can now understand the teacher's explanations and I am able to express myself. The fact that the lessons are only in Arabic allows me to practice speaking as well as tajweed : )!

Also, we always use the same expressions the same vocabulary etc… so we finally always understand. And do not forget that it’s Allah who makes the Quran memorization easy for those who chose to learn it.

Oum Imrane

Over-Trained Teachers 💪

To guarantee you quality courses, we have carefully selected during recruitments; passionate and competent teachers.

In addition, to perfect their pedagogy and their knowledge, we require all our teachers to undergo continuous training.

During your sessions you will be able to read the Quran online in Arabic and our program is also designed to learn the Quran for beginners.

Our entire team is at your disposal to make it easy for you to learn the Quran online.

listen to the quran online

I am taking Quran/Tajweed lessons for 2 sessions now ( so 20 hours). I really recommend to all to take those lessons, The teacher I have is very kind, very patient and encouraging. Indeed, she doesn’t grow tired of repeating again and again until full understanding; And she seems sincerely pleased by every little progress.

I sometimes feel discouraged because I feel rubbish, I even cried once during the lesson but she, she really does foster me and that feels good As for me, I will not give up because this would be doing a big favor to shaytan, and anyway at my point, I can only raise my level!

It’s a big chance to have access to such lessons and to teachers who are this qualified, we really have to take it!.

Umm Sakina

Would you like to be one of our students?

Choose your schedule

For boys/girls under12 years old you can choose a male or female teacher

It’s been now almost two years since I am studying in this merkez. I study the Quran and I made two Arabic sessions; I am now completing the memorization of the 13th Hizb alhamdulillah.

What struck me the most is the serious and good organization of the merkez. A thing that became really rare nowadays. The teachers are excellent, with high pedagogical skills and very patient, it’s up to the student to show constancy and patience in his study to obtain results.

The merkez al Kunuz really is a treasure of learning for those who are living in areas where there are no Arabic and Quran institutes yet!

Oum Imrane