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“My two eldest (children) have completed the memorization of the Quran through Merkez Al Kunuz. They then followed the program to obtain their ijaza and sanad. They obtained it and received their certificate by mail from Egypt.” – Oum Bilâl


The teachers can hear your reading perfectly, I even find that sometimes the correction is very subtle, which proves that they are highly qualified teachers in the field.” – Oum Imrane

Private Course of Quran & Tajweed Online.

The online Quran courses are taught by experienced and licensed Ijaza teachers (teaching certificate).

The courses to learn the Quran online take place in private 45-minute sessions; the ideal time to benefit from the Quran course and maintain full concentration.

You choose the teacher (male or female. Classes are not mixed) and the schedule that suits you.

Our courses to Learn the Quran online are 100% in Arabic. Our teachers are trained to teach non-Arabic speakers.

Depending on availability, you can study up to 6 times per week.

However, we advise our students to maintain a moderate pace of 1 to 3 weekly sessions to avoid a learning overload.

This will allow you to continue over time and reach your goals.

Different programs are available:

📌The Complete “As-Shaamil” Program: It encompasses the four key areas to become a confirmed reciter of the Holy Quran and, subsequently, be able to teach in turn (see below).

📌The “Tailor-Made Quran” Program: These are “à la carte” courses. You choose the field you want to study (Memorization only, revision, recitation etc.) You can also study a method or a program like an-Nouraniyah or Touhfatul Attfal (or Al Jazariyah).

Courses are open to everyone: adults (men or women) and children.

Price: 25€/month for 1 session per week for 5 weeks (5 sessions per month)
See detailed prices below…

learn the Quran online

Your Complete "Al Shaamil" Program

The “As-Shaamil” Program: This is our complete program that encompasses the four key areas to become a confirmed reciter of the Holy Quran and, subsequently, be able to teach in turn.

🧠Hifz → Memorization: Discover an effective methodology for memorizing the Quran with precision and ease.

🗣️ Tilawa → Recitation: Recite and receive instant corrections to continually improve your recitation.

🔒 Mouraja3a → Revision: Revision is essential to consolidate your memorization. With our adequate methodology, your efforts to memorize the Quran will bear fruit.

📖 Ahkam → Tajwid rules: Quality recitation requires mastering the rules of tajwid. Learn and practice them until you master them perfectly.

In order to get the most out of this program, we suggest you register for at least two sessions per week.

Programme Complet de Coran Al Shaamil

The "Tailor-Made Quran" Program

The “Tailor-Made Quran” Program: This is a flexible and personalized offer designed to meet your individual needs in your journey of learning the Quran.

📚Study Orientation: Whether your interest lies in memorization, recitation, studying a specific method like an-Nouraniyah, or exploring a book such as “Touhfatul Atfal” or “Al Jazariyah”, this program gives you the freedom to choose the field you want to study.

🌱Flexibility: The “Tailor-Made Quran” Program offers a unique opportunity to shape your learning path. You can either focus on a particular field or immerse yourself in several aspects at once.

🎯Personalized Goals: We understand that each student is unique, each having their own aspirations and challenges. This program aims to support your personal learning goals in the most effective way.

Whether you are starting out or already have some experience in reciting the Quran, this program offers you the opportunity to personalize your journey, thus enriching your experience with the study of reciting the Holy Quran.

Courses Designed for the Success of our Students To Learn the Quran Online

Arabic grammar

Teacher focused on your progress

Your session is private, the teacher will be able to focus entirely on your shortcomings for a better progression.

book to learn Arabic

A Program of your choice

You are free to choose the Quranic course program that suits you best between à la carte courses (Custom) or the Complete “Al Shaamil” program.

quran learning

Graduated teachers

Our teachers hold an ijaza (authorization to teach) and are trained in the learning of the Quran for non-Arabic speakers.

website to learn Arabic

Keep a free mind with our membership

Don’t waste your time forgetting to renew your courses with our monthly, semi-annual, or annual subscriptions with no commitment.

online Arabic course

A Suitable Duration

Maintain full concentration with our 45-minute sessions. It’s the ideal length to benefit from the lesson without growing tired.

Learn the Arabic alphabet for children

Course Report

Receive in your member area a course report from the teacher. You will be able to monitor your progress and work on weak points.


“The teacher I have is very kind, very patient, and very encouraging. Indeed, she is not afraid to repeat herself tirelessly until total understanding. It’s a great chance to have access to such high-quality courses and teachers, so let’s take advantage of it.” – Umm Sakina

Online Quran Courses: A simple subscription with no commitments.

You will have your member area in the “self-service” mode.

You will have access to all your information and be able to make changes to your subscription, change your schedule, report an absence, schedule a make-up class, view your course reports… and in one click cancel your subscription.

Take advantage of great online Quran courses and customer service that meets your expectations.

member area


  • Private Courses
  • 1 session /week
  • 5 sessions /month
  • No obligation: Stop the renewal in one click
  • Discount price

Payable every 5 weeks 25€


5 /Month
  • Private Courses
  • 1 session /week
  • 25 sessions /semester
  • No obligation: Stop the renewal in one click
  • Discount price

Payable every 25 weeks 112.5€


  • Private Courses
  • 1 session /week
  • 50 sessions /year
  • No obligation: Stop the renewal in one click
  • Economic price

Payable every year 200€

Who can join our Quran Programs?

Access to the “Al Shaamil” and The “Tailor-Made Quran” Program courses is open on a continuous basis. The start of classes is immediate.

However, to join us, you must meet the following conditions:

✅ Be ready to commit seriously to the method

✅ Be ready to take charge of your success (attendance, homework, revisions, etc.): Of course, we are not looking for the perfect student, but to make your investment (time and money) worthwhile, it is crucial to put in place the necessary means.

✅ Understand that the courses are conducted in Literary Arabic. Although the purpose of the courses is not to learn the Arabic language, studying the sciences of the Quran in Arabic can only be beneficial to you. Moreover, our teachers are trained for teaching Arabic speakers.

Do you want to become one of our students?

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our Complete “Al Shaamil” program is designed for students who wish to study the four key areas to become a proficient reciters of the Holy Quran:

✔️ Hifz → Memorization
✔️ Tilawa → Recitation
✔️ Mouraja3a → Revision
✔️ Ahkam → Tajweed rules

The “Tailor-Made Quran” Program is designed for students who wish to study 1 or 2 areas (Memorization and/or Recitation and/or Review and/or Ahkam), or wish to study a program like “an-Nouraniyah” or “Toufhatul Attfal”.

You must be able to read the Arabic language (even basically). If you do not know how to read, choose the “Tailor-Made Quran” program to study the “an-Nouraniyah” program.

The courses are conducted exclusively in classical Arabic.

While the purpose of the courses is not to learn Arabic, studying the sciences of the Quran in Arabic can only be beneficial to you.

Moreover, our teachers are trained to teach Arabic speakers.

The Quran programs are tailored to your pace.

The duration to complete a program will depend solely on the pace at which you progress with the support of our teachers.

Your level will be determined by the teacher during the first lesson.

These are private lessons.

Depending on the selected program, the material will be different (it will be sent to you by email after the first lesson).

The training takes place entirely online, live with a native teacher via Zoom.

You choose your own schedule when you register.

The classes start as soon as you register. The start date of the classes is specified in the confirmation email (and on the registration page).

Quran courses are reserved in the form of a monthly, semi-annual, or annual subscription Without engagement.

So you are buying a subscription for one (or more) course(s) per week for 1 month, 6 months, or 1 year, renewable according to the chosen formula.

For 1 lesson per week, 5 lessons/month = 25 euros/month

For 2 lessons per week, you have to double the amount of the once-a-week subscription so: 25 euros x 2

For 3 lessons per week, you have to triple the price of the once-a-week subscription, so: 25 euros x 3

A decreasing price is applied for the biannual and annual subscriptions:

➡ Semi-Annual Subscription (every 25 weeks) = 22.5 euros/month for 1 session per week, 25 sessions/semester
(payable every 25 weeks 112.5 euros)

➡ Annual Subscription (every 12 months) = 20 euros/month for 50 sessions/year
(payable every year 200 euros)

Same, for 2 sessions per week, you have to double the price. For 3 sessions per week you have to triple the price, etc..

We offer a decreasing rate for a semi-annual or annual commitment (see the rate section).

Subscriptions are automatically renewed.

However, you are free to cancel the renewal before the next period.

When you choose a monthly subscription you can cancel your subscription before it renews the following month.

When you choose a semi-annual subscription, you can cancel your subscription before it renews next semester.

When you choose an annual subscription, you can cancel your subscription before it renews the following year.

You are therefore free to not renew your subscription and to cancel it autonomously in your member area.

However, a started subscription is no longer cancelable or refundable.

To make up your class you will need to inform us of your absence (via your student area) up to 2 hours before your class.

You are allowed one absence per month per schedule (for example: if you study once a week, you are allowed one absence per month. If you study twice a week, you are allowed two absences per month. Etc..)

Other absences will not be rescheduled.

So please make sure to choose a schedule that suits you before subscribing.

No, one session is not enough to get an idea of the effectiveness of a class, especially for an immersion method.

You can subscribe for only a month and decide if you want to continue or not after that (you can cancel your monthly subscription before its renewal).

Payment is made by credit card (managed by our payment partner Stripe).

Payment is secure.

A stable Internet connection, a computer, a headset, a microphone, and an Arabic keyboard.

Regarding the Arabic keyboard, you can instead buy Arabic letter stickers to stick on your keyboard (available online).

Our classes are compatible with all devices: Windows, Mac as well as tablets and smartphones, however, for more comfort, we recommend you to study on a computer (to have a keyboard at your disposal).

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