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17 Years of Experience, an Exclusive Program, and Experienced Teachers.
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“The Best Learning Center Out There” – Oum Najiya (Founder of MemoRise)


“The Al Kunuz Merkez program is, for me, one of the most suitable for non-Arabic speakers” – Oum Moqbil (Founder of the El ‘ilm forum)

A Deep Need. A Unique Solution

As a Muslim living in the West, you feel a vital need to master the Arabic language in order to understand your religion at its source, without relying on translations.

You are undoubtedly frustrated knowing that an ocean of knowledge remains inaccessible without a good grasp of Arabic.

You also have a deep desire to recite the Quran flawlessly and understand its meaning.

Our mission since 2006 has been to provide a solid and effective online education in Arabic and Quran for non-Arabic speakers.

We have supported thousands of students worldwide, like you, who wish to become proficient in Arabic or master Quranic reading.

This is achieved through a proven path, a nurturing environment, and ongoing support.

Al Kunuz is a professional and passionate team to accompany you and consequently help you achieve your Quran and Arabic learning goals:

πŸ† 87 Dedicated and motivated teachers
✊ 11 Secretaries for your follow-up
πŸ‘€ 13 Supervisors
🧠 2 Educational managers
πŸ“Š 2 Administrators


“I am very grateful to the merkez, especially since they really want us to succeed, and it shows !!!!! – Abou Jannet


“I must say that, in my opinion, for someone in Europe, Merkez Al Kunuz is the best way to learn Arabic – Abou Moussa

Immersion: The Key to Becoming Fluent in Arabic

To master the Arabic language like a native speaker, there’s no secret: you need to be immersed in the language and think in Arabic.

That’s why we offer 100% Arabic lessons (tailored for non-Arabic speakers).

We are adamant about this point: lessons in English will never make you fluent in Arabic.


You risk getting used to operating in translation mode, which will prevent you from speaking fluently or reaching an advanced level in Arabic.

Studies prove this, and our experience in the field confirms it.

By choosing Al Kunuz, you’re opting for an authentic and immersive learning experience that will allow you to master the Arabic language naturally and effectively.


“I enrolled in Al Kunuz without much conviction, and I started directly at level two and really felt a difference, as I had to speak, understand, and make myself understood exclusively in Arabic AND THAT’S THE KEY TO SUCCESS!!! … I really only have one regret, and that’s that I didn’t start sooner!!!!… I understand Arabic well, I no longer need translations, I can even directly ask questions to scholars, I only read religious books in Arabic and it’s truly a delight, mashallah!! … I really wonder what level I would be at if I hadn’t joined Al Kunuz!!???? – Abu Jannet (completed our “Al Kaamil” program)”

A Rigorous Recruitment Process

Teaching the Arabic language requires more than just being a native speaker.

Having a degree is not a guarantee of quality either.

We provide you with a passionate and effective teaching staff through a multi-step recruitment process that meets your thirst for learning.

Suitable for everyone, our teachers are expertly trained to deliver Arabic and Quran courses for beginners, intermediate, or advanced students.

We also provide them with ongoing training to maintain our high-quality standards.


“Allahi barek, I don’t know how you do it, but all the teachers you recruit are truly adorable, incredibly kind, and caring. I know four of them now. They are meticulous. Masha Allah” – Laila R.

A Program for Every Profile

Drawing on our years of experience, we have created unique learning programs tailored for all levels and learner profiles.

Your Program for Mastering the Arabic Language
(Group classes for Adults/Teens)

πŸ“Œ The “Al Kaamil” program: This is our highly popular comprehensive program It is essential for students who need to progress in the Arabic language in a balanced way. Therefore, to master the 4 spheres of language:
1- Oral ExpressionπŸ‘„
2- Written Expression ✍️
3- Oral ComprehensionπŸ‘‚
4- Written Comprehension πŸ‘€
It is suitable for all levels. From complete beginners (with no prior knowledge) to the most advanced levels.

Al Kaamil Programme Complet

“I know some brothers who study the Medina books and, alhamdulillah, I have realized that I have a much better level studying with you in the Al Kunuz program. – Abu Hajar

Your Program to Speak Arabic Fluently
(Group classes for Adults/Teens)

πŸ“Œ The “Takallam!” Program: These are our famous 100% practical language workshops.

They are essential for loosening your tongue and finally speaking Arabic fluently.

The “Takallam!” program is studied in Group Classes exclusively.

Takallam Parler Fluidement

“Every day I see the benefits that your Takallam courses have brought me.. Your materials and lessons are of extreme excellence!” – Umm Abdarrahman

Your "Arabic A la Carte" Program:
(Individual Lessons)

πŸ“ŒThe “Arabic A la Carte” Program: Our “Arabic A la Carte” program is designed for students who want to improve a specific area of their learning, such as grammar, spelling, text study, and much more.

It is also suitable for students who have had unbalanced learning and wish to fill their gaps, as well as those who wish to study a particular book, such as Al Ajromiyah, Alfiyah ibn Malik, Medina books, or others.

The “Arabic A la Carte” program is also ideal for students who have completed the comprehensive “Al Kaamil” program and want to delve into a very specific area, such as poetry.

Regarding children, the Γ  la carte courses allow for more specific targeting of needs: 100% practical oral expression classes or a Complete program covering all language spheres.

Your Program for Mastering Quran Recitation
(Individual Lessons)

πŸ“Œ The “Al-Shaamil” Program: Do you want to master Quran recitation? Our program is designed to guide you in this noble goal. It covers the four key areas to become a proficient reciter of the Quran and, subsequently, be able to teach others:
βœ”οΈ Hifz β†’ Memorization: Discover an effective methodology for memorizing the Quran with precision and ease.
βœ”οΈ Tilawa β†’ Recitation: Recite and receive instant corrections to continuously improve your recitation.
βœ”οΈ Mouraja3a β†’ Revision: Revision is essential for consolidating your memorization. With our adequate methodology, your efforts to memorize the Quran will bear fruit.
βœ”οΈ Ahkam β†’ Tajweed Rules: A quality recitation requires mastery of the tajweed rules. Learn and practice them until you master them perfectly.

Programme Complet de Coran Al Shaamil

“By the grace of Allah ta’ala, my two eldest children have completed the memorization of the Quran through Merkez Al Kunuz. They then followed the program to obtain their ijaza and their sanad… It was rigorous… They obtained it and received their certificate by mail from Egypt.” – Oum BilΓ’l

"Your Customized Quran Program"
(Individual Lessons)

πŸ“ŒThe “Tailored Quran Program”: Our personalized courses in the “Tailored” Quran Program offer you the opportunity to focus on a specific area: Memorization, Recitation, Review, Tajweed Rules, the “Moutashabihat” or the study of a particular textbook or method, such as:

  • Touhfatul Attfal
  • Al Jazariyah
  • The An-Nouraniyah Method
  • Etc…

Whether it’s to fill gaps, remove imbalances, or simply adapt to a period in your life when you cannot fully dedicate yourself to all aspects of learning the Quran (especially memorization).


The teachers can hear your reading perfectly, I even find that sometimes the correction is very subtle, which proves that they are highly qualified teachers in the field.” – Oum Imrane

Are we meant for each other?

We place great importance on supporting our students in their learning journey.

Our team is passionate about teaching, encouraging, advising, and listening…

However, we are aware that we cannot adapt to everyone.

Therefore, we do not hesitate to refuse or terminate registrations when we believe that the student is not willing to adopt the necessary attitude to fully benefit from our courses and guidance.

We are not simply looking for customers, but rather students whom we will be eager to support and help achieve their goals.


“For me, Al Kunuz has become like a family member, I can’t do without it πŸ˜€ he fact that it’s so serious, both in terms of the courses and the administration, motivates me even more because I know that my teacher is waiting for me at the appointed time.” – Oum Jounayd (Completed our “Al Kaamil” program)

We are not compatible if...

❌ You want your teacher to speak English: As we mentioned earlier, we do not believe in teaching Arabic using English.

❌ You are not willing to make an effort to speak Arabic during your lessons: Without practice, your lessons will not be profitable.

❌ You expect everything from your teacher and nothing from yourself: Yes! There will be personal work to do. We do not yet have a solution for directly transferring knowledge into the human brain…

❌ You do not adhere to a spirit of caring collaboration: Our entire team works together to support each student, and we set up a conducive framework to ensure the optimal functioning of our institute. Unfortunately, some people adopt a “king customer” attitude and do not want to respect our way of working. If this applies to you, we will not hold you back.

We are compatible if...

βœ… You are ready to seriously commit to the immersion method (100% Arabic courses): We can never emphasize this enough, it is THE method to speak and understand classical Arabic.

βœ… You are ready to take responsibility for your success (do your homework, review your lessons, etc.): Of course, we are not looking for the perfect student, but if you want to maximize your investment (time/money), it is essential to implement the necessary means.

βœ… You will adopt a positive and caring attitude toward your teacher, the support team members, and your classmates (if you are in group classes): For learning to be effective, the environment in which it takes place is just as important as the program being taught.

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