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Immersion is the language learning technique highly recommended by all experts in linguistics. However, not everyone is allowed to travel to the other side of the world and devote themselves exclusively to this learning.

The Al Kunuz experience offers any non-Arab speaker the opportunity to learn literary Arabic and memorize the Quran in a 100% Egyptian surroundings.
Indeed, for several centuries, Egypt has been recognized as one of the best countries in the world to learn Arabic easily thanks to an exceptional pedagogy. Moreover, Egypt’s reputation also resides in the art of memorizing the Quran.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to take a language trip and enjoy literary Arabic classes for a minimum of 6 months of immersion.

Many of them have accumulated failures by going to an apprenticeship in their city, at the mosque, or within an association to try to learn Arabic for free.

Some have even multiplied years of learning without convincing results.

The sequence of these difficulties caused many people to lose motivation.

The causes of this disaster lie in several points:

learn the Quran online

🗣 Learning Arabic through English.. which is an educational disaster(below, we are telling you why)

🚨The lack of teaching skills, experience, and ability of the person who teaches. It’s actually not enough to be an Arabic speaker to transmit one’s knowledge… nor to teach without error (you couldn’t guess the “jewels” we find during our hiring tests…)

🚗The distance… Yes, having to go outside isn’t always motivating.

It is in 2006, that Al Kunuz was created to offer a real apprenticeship in an ideal setting to any budding apprentice.

Al Kunuz has become a Pioneer in online teaching and the first institute of its kind, Al Kunuz has been able to create, develop and propose a pedagogy, a concept, and a program with positive results to learn Arabic Online & learn Quran Online in a simple and practical way.

You can’t go to Egypt? Al Kunuz comes directly to you.

Learn Arabic Easily & Learn the Quran Online with Al-Kunuz The online institute

Al-Kunuz is an online institute for learning the Arabic language and the Quran

Our online courses are given live and are aimed at both older and younger students.

Our difference lies in a meticulous selection, aiming to provide you with the best teachers.

Egyptians, graduated and trained in specialized learning for non-Arabic speakers to provide you with the most suitable learning environment.

But that’s not all, Al Kunuz is a professional and passionate team to support you and therefore achieve your learning goals for learning Quran & Arabic :

  • 🏆 54 Dedicated and motivated teachers
  • ✊ 8 Secretaries for your follow-up
  • 👀 2 Graders
  • 🧠 1 Educational manager
  • 📊 1 General Manager

With Al-Kunuz, give yourself the advantage of learning Arabic easily & learn Quran Online efficiently while staying at home.

I know merkez Al Kunuz since its opening, which means 10 years allahumma baarik, and it must be noted that this merkez really showed to work through its reliability, its effective organization and the quality of its courses; and that, despite its prices which are among the lowest on this market.

First, a full team of well-trained secretaries, listening to student's requests, and quickly giving answers and solutions is a real asset compared to lots of other marakiz.

But especially, I would like to draw attention to THE most important asset of the merkez which is the level and the richness of their program!

Indeed, I had the chance to note that persons who studied at Al Kunuz had a good level and that, even before finishing the program!!

The Al Kunuz program is in my opinion among the most suitable for non-Arabic speakers because it covers reading, grammar, and conjugation as well as speaking and writing. How could it be more complete?

That’s why I always recommend Al Kunuz to the ones who REALLY want to move forward in the Arabic language.

Oum Moqbil
El 'Ilm Forum Founder

Al Kunuz it’s...

Learn Arabic online

14 years' experience

Take advantage of our proven experience and methodology since 2006 as website for learning Arabic and Quran

Memorise the Quran

more than 3000 students before you

Like thousands of students before you, follow our courses to learn Arabic easily and learn the Quran for young and old.

online Arabic course

100% immersion in the Arabic language

Practice the immersion method in online Arabic lessons for effective progress

arabic course for beginners

Students who memorised the whole Quran

Thanks to our program to learn the Quran online. We are proud to have been a cause for the complete memorization of the Holy Quran by many of our students.

Quran Courses

An engaged support until you reach your goals

We support, advise and motivate our students to bring them as far as possible in their learning.

Learn Arabic

For the whole family ❤

Al Kunuz is for the whole family. Lessons for men, women and kids.

[...] Before starting to study with the merkez, I took classes once a week at the mosque for two years, and one of my teachers, who also studied with Kunuz, suggested us to register for the merkez, which I didn’t right away, because "I needed physical contact" ... what a mistake !!!!!

Then I enrolled in Kunuz half-hearted, I started directly at level two and I really felt a difference, since it was necessary to speak, understand and be understood exclusively in Arabic and this is THE KEY TO SUCCESS !!!

But it was very very hard to the point I sometimes said to myself that it is not for me.

But alhamdulillah, I persevered and the really one thing I regret is that I did not start earlier !!!!

So there is really no doubt to have, and do not say "I prefer to be in front of the teacher rather than behind a screen"subhan Allah we live in countries where we cannot choose to have teachers in front of us.

Al hamdulillah, I understand Arabic well now, I no longer need translation (just the dictionary sometimes ) I can even ask questions directly to the scholars, I read religious books in Arabic ( no more in French) and Maa sha Allah, that is a real delight!!

I really wonder what level I would have if I did not study with Kunuz !!????

So I am very grateful to the merkez, especially since they really want you to succeed, and you can feel it !!!!! And I am grateful to all the teachers I had during these two years. BARAKA ALLAH FIKUM FOR ALL

Abou Jannet
(finished the whole course)

Learn Arabic Online & Learn Quran Online: Speak Arabic ... Think in Arabic ... A method that works!

Don’t sabotage your learning anymore!

You’ve got it! We are strong supporters of immersion language learning and especially of learning Arabic easilyand efficiently.

So, our online courses are 100% in Arabic.

We sincerely believe that teaching a language in English is an educational disaster and a real handicap for both the teacher and the learner.

Certainly, this may seem simpler for the student and more pleasant for the teacher.

By learning Arabic with the help of English, the beginnings of this apprenticeship will be extremely fast. It agrees, that progress will appear instantaneously even too quickly (contrary to the 100% immersion method).

Unfortunately, the spectre of stagnation will make its appearance by keeping you at a beginner level. Thus, the student will not understand the deep meaning of a speech / text and will be unable to “think in Arabic”, nor to speak in Arabic .

The learner’s thinking will work in the translation mode, and this is a real calamity…

The bravest who will pass this difficult stage will fully understand that.

Thus this method, which was somewhat complicated at the beginning, remains nevertheless the best pedagogy to learn literary Arabic and also to learn the Quran online .

📌 But what if I don’t understand anything?!

Don’t Panic!

Our online Arabic courses for beginners require some adaptation time.

It is certainly frustrating not to understand what the teacher is saying, but don’t panic (at least don’t be discouraged) hundreds (yes hundreds!) of students have gone through this before you!

It is perfectly normal to start by guessing what the teacher is trying to tell you. After that and as you go along you will understand a few words here and there. The instructions will seem clearer, then sentences and finally whole speeches…

Thus, you will notice that your comprehension percentage will commonly increase as you progress.

It’s a difficult stage, but essential to get used to “think Arabic”.

Once you have passed this milestone, new doors open up for you in learning the Arabic language, which you will discover in our higher levels.

*The grammar and translation method is outdated and obsolete, but still way too much used ( for sake of convenience…)

Learn Arabic and Learn the Quran - Our Online Courses:

For all levels and ages

To learn Arabic easily and to learn the Quran online, we offer different courses to our learners to offer you the formula that suits you.

[...] am converted and I started learning in al Kunuz knowing only the alphabet: I therefore started at level 0 Today I finished the general program and I no longer stopped learning : )

I would like to say, in my opinion, that the merkez Al Kunuz is the best way to learn Arabic, for someone who is in non-Arabic countries...because the merkez is an institute now established since 2006 so it is possible to learn, then to stop, then to resume at the same level that we finished and not always repeat the same books again and again (e.g. book 1 of Medina without ever ending it ...)

[...] Do not be discouraged by the fact that everything is in Arabic: This is the main strength of the Merkez! You will understand Arabic directly without having to translate in your mind, you will listen to it and understand it naturally insha Allah as if you were an Arabic speaker : )

I live in England today and I learned English in France at school. When I arrived here I spoke English and understood it only by translating everything in my head It was a disaster lol, but with Arabic, it was much easier Al Hamdulillah.

In a nutshell, I recommend the merkez to all and I advise you to persevere in your efforts. You will be amazed by the professionalism of the administration and the teachers...

Abou Moussa
(finished the whole course)

Over-Trained Teachers 💪 for quality learning

Careful recruitment and continuous training

When recruiting our teachers, we impose on ourselves a rigorous choice and a meticulous selection.

It is following multiple interviews that we put at your disposal a teaching staff that will respond with passion and investment to your thirst for learning.

Suitable for all, our teachers are perfectly qualified to teach Arabic courses for beginners, intermediate or advanced.

They will be able to adapt to all situations and thus meet all your learning needs.

Arabic Online will be offered to you in a simple and effective way.

So don’t wonder anymore how to learn Arabic and dare the remote adventure with Al Kunuz .

learn Arabic easily

Learn Arabic easily and learn the Quran online with Al Kunuz. Your partner to advise you on your journey

Here some questions to make the right choice...

Al-kunuz imposes on himself a relationship beyond teaching with his students. Throughout your learning, you will have in front of you a pedagogical team listening to you. We will try to answer your questions and at the same time advise you on your journey. Much more than learning Arabic easily or taking advantage of a curriculum to learn the Quran online. Al Kunuz is above all a real human adventure to support you in this noble project.

[...] I started at level 0 and currently I am at level 10 alhamdouliLLAH. The beginnings were a little difficult, because I only knew the letters of the alphabet, but over time with very pedagogical, very patient, and very courteous teachers, Allahumma barik we finally get there.

The advantage with the merkez is that it promotes a lot speaking In any case, I am so happy to understand and speak with Arabic speakers it was not possible at all some time ago. [...]

I do not intend to stop after level 12 in any case bi idhniLLAH, because for me Kunuz became like a a family member, I can not live without))) The fact is that the courses, as well as the administration, are serious so this motivates me even more because I know that at the appointed time, my teacher is waiting for me.

I also studied the 4 levels in tajweed alhamdouliLLAH, the teachers hear very well the outputs of the letters Allahoumma baarik 3alayhounna.

Oum Jounayd
(finished the whole course)