Learn Arabic Online In Group Classes

For 14 years, students from all over the world have chosen Al Kunuz to learn Arabic Online in group classes. Enjoy 3 months of online Arabic courses in total immersion, perfectly adapted to non-Arabic speakers and all live from Egypt
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Arabic Online Group Courses for Adults and Teens.

Study from the most comfortable classroom ever: Your Home!

To learn Arabic Online, a group program is available from the beginner level (learning to read) to the most advanced level (the study of balagha and poetry).

These Arabic literary courses are based on a 12-level program; complete and progressive and take place twice a week at a pace of 1h40 per class.

Each session lasts 3 months (26 sessions).

One session represents one level.

Groups are composed of a maximum of 5 students. The students take a level test in order to choose the appropriate group.

Price: 197€ for months of classes (26 sessions of 1h40)
You may choose a 2 installment payment

🎁 3 hours of classes are offered at each session spread over each session by adding 10 minutes, i.e. 1h30 of paid class + 10 minutes offered = 1h40 of class.

Literary Arabic course

I am a member of the merkez since last year; I heard a lot (of good) about the merkez so I was very attracted, and al hamdoulilah I am very attached to it lol the sympathy and patience of the teachers make me want to continue and especially because the quality of the courses Allahummah barek 3alaykum May Allah reward you.

I wasn’t very confident in myself when it came to speaking, I concentrated more on writing but now with the merkez, I dare, and even if I make mistakes al hamdulillah my teacher helps me identifying my mistakes and does everything for the student to understand.

Anyway, the program is way more efficient than the programs given at the university. jazakoumallahu kheirah wa barakallahu fikoum

Oum Abderrahmen

For Beginner and Advanced levels

Even if you don't know any letters of the Alphabet...

Even if you don’t know any letters of the Alphabet, it is now possible for you to learn Arabic online with Al Kunuz.

Our online Arabic group courses are offered to men, women, and teenagers (from 16 years old).

they are suitable for non-Arabic speakers (even if you don’t know a single letter of the alphabet and no vocabulary).

Our teachers are trained and experienced in teaching Arabic as a foreign language.

Patient and pedagogue, they will know how to pass on their knowledge with passion.

The group courses have the particularity of motivating the student in his learning with the group effect.

Arabic grammar

Learn Arabic with an exclusive multi-level program

learn Arabic

Our program for learning Arabic online is composed of 12 levels and is designed to be complete in all areas of the language.

It is a program that we have designed based on several recognized books in the Arabic language, as well as the experience and knowledge of our educational team, in order to make it as complete as possible.

As an indication, having reached level 5, the student is able to converse on various topics of everyday life. At level 10, the student acquires a high school/university level in an Arabic-speaking country

Take advantage of a multi-level program and learn Arabic for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners.

Courses Designed For Our Students To Learn Arabic Online

Arabic lessons

Midterm and final exam

An exam is organized in mid-session and at the end of the session to validate your knowledge.
Arabic group course

Small Group to Learn Arabic Effectively

The number of students is between 3 and 5 maximum to learn Arabic online efficiently.
Learn Literary Arabic

100% Immersion to Learn Arabic Online

Choose the best method for successful learning. Practice immersion for effective progress and a solid foundation with our website for learning Arabic.
website to learn Arabic

An Arabic exclusive program

Based on 12 levels, it’s made to cover all areas of the language.

online Arabic course

Adapted length

he constant pace allows continuous progress and is suitable for already busy students.

speak in arabic

An engaged support until you reach your goals

We offer real support to our students throughout their Arabic learning. Indeed, we are always available to motivate, accompany, and advise our students and thus take them as far as possible in this noble project.

Would you like to be one of our students?

Take a level test

Reminder: Adolescents OVER 16 can participate in group lessons. The lessons are NOT mixed.

[...] know brothers who study the Madina books and, alhamdulillah, I realized that I have a much better level by studying with you the program of Al Kunuz

they have no basic knowledge of grammatical analysis (i'rab ) And when we speak of a rule that we have all studied, they lack many notions and details.

I think, macha Allah, you have a great program barak Allahou fikoum

Abu Hajar

Learn Arabic online to Speak and Think in Arabic

Aim for excellence!

To learn Arabic online, we advocate language learning in full immersion.
Our courses are therefore 100% and only in Arabic.

Indeed, the teaching of a language in English is an educational disaster with not very encouraging results.

It is easier for the student (and the teacher) even more pleasant, but in reality, it proves to be very disabling for the student…

Arabic courses in English offer the student an extremely quick start to learning. Progress will also appear instantaneously (as opposed to learning in 100% immersion).

But as a result of this meager consolation the student will experience stagnation (beginner level) and will not have acquired a deep understanding of the Arabic language. Thus, he will not be able to understand the deeper meaning of a speech/text and will be unable to “think in Arabic”, nor to speak in Arabic

It will work in the translation mode*, and for us, it is a calamity…

The bravest who will pass this difficult stage will fully understand that.

📌 But what can I do if I don’t understand anything?!

Don’t Panic!

During our online Arabic course for beginnersAt first, it is difficult to adapt, even frustrating not to understand what the teacher is saying, but don’t panic (at least, don’t let yourself be discouraged) hundreds (yes hundreds!) of students have gone through this before you!

So, to learn Arabic online in immersion, it is quite normal to start by guessing what the teacher is trying to tell you, then as you go along you will understand a few words here and there of what he is saying, then sentences, then whole speeches…

Your understanding rate will rise gradually with your progress.

It is a difficult step, but essential to get used to “thinking in Arabic”. Once you have passed this stage, new doors open up for you in learning Arabic, which you will discover in our higher levels.

*the grammar and translation method is outdated and obsolete, but still too often practiced (for reasons of ease …)

I recommend to everyone the Arabic courses of the merkez Al Kunuz.

I studied Arabic for years when I was younger and I thought to have a good level but I found out by taking the level test that I didn’t know that much (I was placed at level 1).

Ma cha Allah, I am very pleased, I learned a lot ( spelling, grammar, vocabulary… ) it’s a very serious institute, with a good follow-up, and the teachers are an example of kindness. Really, I can only recommend it!

Um Chaima

Over-Trained Teachers 💪

Careful recruitment and continuous training

It is because your success will greatly depend on our teachers, that we give a lot of importance in our selection when recruiting.

We choose the best teachers and offer them continuous training to perfect their pedagogy.

Give yourself the opportunity to learn Arabic online with highly trained teachers.

Arabic course for beginners

I started a bit more than one year ago at level 0, I am now finishing alhamdulillah the level 5.

These are really high quality lessons with high qualified teachers mashallah.

The Program is very complete: reading, grammar, spelling, dictation, and conversation.

I really like this part of the lesson because it allowed me to progress a lot.

I can now talk about various topics, such as the Prophets (pbuh) wife's biographies or the night journey of the Prophet (pbuh)whereas at the beginning I could hardly tell my age, my profession, and the number of brothers and sisters I have, looool.

I spread the word about Al Kunuz around me because I think that it is one of the best solutions to learn Arabic [...]