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Transform the vocabulary stuck in your head into fluent speech with the Takallam! program, your step-by-step companion to fluency.

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A recurring problem

Have you been taking classes at a facility where oral expression was not practiced enough?

Or perhaps you focused your learning on grammar and written expression because you didn’t have a partner with whom to practice speaking?

You have learned vocabulary lists, but this vocabulary, which is so hard to memorize, seems to get stuck in your mind when you want to use it to speak in Arabic?

Do you understand more and more of what you hear in Arabic but feel like you’re not making any progress in speaking it?

You can’t manage to formulate your sentences… And this is becoming frustrating and maybe even a complex?

This is undoubtedly a major disappointment.

speak arabic fluently

To speak Arabic there is no secret...

There is no secret to speak Arabic fluently. You have to speak…

Yes, but not just in a random manner.

You have to practice on various and well-chosen subjects to enable you to cover a large everyday vocabulary.

But not everyone has the opportunity to practice regularly with an Arabic speaker.

And even if you had this option, without a clearly defined goal and a framework that guides your learning,your discussions will be quickly limited, and you will soon realize that your problem has not been solved.

speak arabic

It's too often the same observation…

Too often, we observe that new students (who sign up to start courses with us) almostalways have a knowledge imbalance.

And this imbalance is, most of the time, oral practice.

They could have an excellent grammar level butnot be able to sustain a conversation adapted to their level.

So we wanted to fill that gap.

That’s why we created a structured speaking program to take you step-by-step to a level of mastery.

oral deficiency

The solution to your fluency deficiency

We present you our oral expression “Takallam!” program, which means “speak!” in Arabic.

Logo programme Takallam

Through this program, you will...


Put into practice the vocabulary you have learned to avoid blockages.

speak in arabic

Immerse yourself

Immerse yourselfin real-life situations with live interactions to improve your speech.

fluent in Arabic

Develop your comprehension

Develop your comprehension through different dialogues to get used to different situations and intonations.

The Takallam! program consists of...

Live classes

Live classes (via Zoom) to immerse yourself with an experienced Arabic-speaking teacher and unlock your language by practicing the vocabulary buried in your memory and the new vocabulary presented during the session.

A convenient duration

45-minute sessions. A convenient duration that fits into your daily schedule. Enough to practice and not too long to avoid burnout and boredom.

A steady pace

Keep you motivated with a steady but not overwhelming training pace. The training lasts ten weeks at the rate of 2 45-minute sessions per week.

A trusted framework

Place yourself on the standard reference grid of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) in academic and professional situations. Or, quite simply, for your knowledge of how far you have come and how far you still have to go.

Structured sessions

No longer be stuck without knowing what to say with our program that structures the session.

Measurable progress

Measure your progress with an end-of-course assessment. This will keep you motivated and focused on reaching your goal


Practice in a very small group of maximum 3 students for more interaction and conviviality.

How much does it cost?

If you take courses in a structure where oral expression is little practiced, it will take you, depending on your profile, 4 to 6 months to reach a level of the CEFR for oral expression.

This will cost you an average of 350 to 500 euros in tuition fees.

With the Takallam! program, you focus on oral expression to reduce the time to reach the levels and the cost of study.

The 15-weekcourse is priced at €122.

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After your order, you will receive immediate confirmation of your payment.

Before classes resume, you will receive an email containing the class link and the information needed to follow the program.

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Group classes are open to teenagers OVER 16 years only.


The “Takallam!” speech program is for English speakers (men, women, and teenagers over 16 years old) who want to untie their tongue and speak in Arabic.

You must be able to read Arabic (with vowels).

To self-assess your current level, please complete the following form [Click]. [Clic]

The “Takallam!” program lasts 15 weeks.

There are two 45-minute sessions per week, for 30 sessions.

2 students minimum and 4 students maximum.

Materials that we have designed.

The Takallam! program is offered 100% in Arabic.

It is a program focused on oral expression and comprehension (to speak you must also understand). You will learn vocabulary that you will immediately put into practice. You will listen to dialogues and do simulations.

Online via Zoom (virtual classroom).

You can see the course schedule for each group on the following page:

Obviously, you will not speak fluent Arabic after onelevel of the Takallam!program

However, you will gain fluency level after level bi idhniLlah

Our comprehensive program (the al Kunuz program) covers the four foreign language acquisition skills (so it covers speaking and listening).

You do not need to register for the Takallam! program. . Our students who follow our curriculum progress consistently in all four skills

However, if you want to improve your oral skills faster, you can enroll in the Takallam! It will allow you to practice more often outside your classes. This will be beneficial.

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Register now, only 4 places available per level

Group classes are open to teenagers OVER 16 years only.

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